About us

Our beginings

In 2020, some good friends and I decided to start a company that makes model rockets because my model rockets kept breaking and failing. This meant others were not having the best experiences either because the rockets were cheap and poorly designed.

Have no fear, Delta Is here. We are here to give the world high quality model rockets for a fair price.

Why take up model rocketry?

If you want something fun and cool to do, try model rocketry, You will be learning and it wont feel like it. Model rocketry brings happiness to me, so I bring it to you.

Why it's important

Model rocketry has a lot to offer in the STEM world; Including Math, Science, Engineering, and Technology. Model rocketry is truly an educational experience while still being fun.

Right Now

Recently, we took a much needed break, during which we suffered some issues. Our z axis stepper motor hs stopped working on our 3D Printer. This appears to be due to a short in the Z axis stepper driver. This issue requires replacement of the entire motherboard for the printer. Without our printer, we can not make plastic parts, which our rockets mostly consist of.

We hope to soon be back to production, knowing our R&D phase is completed in terms of the physical product. We countinue our search for a method of online sales. Wish us good luck as we continue to bring the world quality model rockets.