Jupiter Rocket

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Our Jupiter rocket is our first, and currently only rocket. Quality was of the essence when designing this rocket, we preformed real test luanches of this rocket untill the filghts were consistently sucessfull. It is not ready for purchase yet becuase of a small redesign we are working on to increase the ease of use and durability of the fins. Speaking of durability, our Jupiter rockets are made of 0.3" thick, super durable cardboard tubing with an outer diameter of 2.3". It's plastic parts inclued a single piece engine room and fin mount, four fins, two tube connecters, and one nose cone. All of our plastic parts are made out of high quality PETG plastic for its heat resistance and durability. We also include a 2 foot Nylon parachute. Some Items neccicary for luanch need to be purchased. This issue is adressed on the packaging of the rocket and the FAQ page for ease of access and refrance as well as below.


Motor: Estes E12-6, E12-4

Height: 3',4"
Drymass: N/A, yet
Wetmass: N/A, yet
Average test Altitude: N/A, yet

You Will Need;


Get engines cheaper and without shipping costs at your local Hobby Shop!

You will need one of each engine per launch along with the plugs and igniters(included in the estes engine packs)

You will need an

Lastly, you will need an

Estes Porta Pad-E Luanch Pad

As well as strong glue (E600 is reccomended); a place to work, a place to luanch and some common sense.

Thank you!